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Welcome to Angry Pastires website!
Look at your guild,
now back at ours.
Now back to your guild,
now back to ours.

Sadly they aren't us,
but if you switched to Angry Pastries you could be us!

Look down;
Back up,
where are you?
You're in Molten Core with a guild you could be in.

What’s in your hand?
Back at us,
we have it,
it’s a Battered Hilt
Look again now the Battered Hilt is a guild invite to Angry Pastries.

Anything is possible when you join Angry Pastries.

I'm on a Winterspring Frostsaber.

Currently Angry Pastries is just in the recruitment phase; we don't have enough 85's to run raids our level yet. We are starting to run raids up to level 80 for the achievements, hence why it says MC. We do randoms of both the low level and the herioc kind. We are a very social and friendly guild. If you'd like any other info or just want to join feel free to message me (Sarkhani), or just about anyone in the guild :)
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Web Site Live!

Sarkhani, Apr 25, 12 12:46 PM.
The site is a bit of a work in progress. We'll continue to improve it as the guild develops. If there is anything you'd like to see feel free to send me a message either on here or in-game :)


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